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Lori April FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What distinguishes Lori April's collections?
A: Lori April is a celebration of charm and quality, seamlessly blending cultural influences in each unique piece. Crafted from the finest natural materials like cotton, linen, flax, and hemp, our products promise longevity and natural beauty.

Q: Where is Lori April's creativity nurtured?
A: Each Lori April product is thoughtfully handcrafted in my personal studio in Los Angeles, California—where cultural richness meets artisanal craftsmanship.

Q: How does Lori April embrace sustainability?
A: At the heart of Lori April is our commitment to ethical responsibility. By choosing biodegradable and high-quality materials, and adhering to slow fashion principles, we ensure every product not only reduces environmental impact but also carries timeless appeal.

Q: What is Lori April's return policy?
A: We accept returns within 30 days of purchase, provided the items are in their original condition. Your satisfaction is paramount, reflecting our commitment to quality and service.

Q: How do I initiate a return?
A: To start a return, simply email us at customerservice@loriapril.com with your order number and reason for the return. We're here to help make your experience as seamless as possible.

Q: When will my order be delivered?
A: We process and dispatch orders within 1-3 business days, with delivery times varying based on location and shipping method.

Q: Can I cancel my order?
A: You may cancel your order by contacting us at customerservice@loriapril.com or by calling 1-323-577-2505 before it has shipped.

Q: How can I contact you for further inquiries?
A: Reach out to us anytime at customerservice@loriapril.com or call/text 1-323-577-2505. We're eager to assist and respond promptly.