About Us

Welcome to Lori April: A Tapestry of Journeys and Dreams

Our Founder's Story: From Skies to Stitches Hi, I’m Lori, founder of Lori April, where each bag is a confluence of cultures, a melding of the charm found in European artistry and the elegance of Japanese simplicity. My journey began as a flight attendant in 2011, where each layover in cities like Tokyo wasn't just a pause, but an opportunity to explore and bring a piece of each culture back home. This exploration transformed during the quiet introspection brought by the pandemic, leading me from a life of observing cultures to actively preserving their ethos through sustainable craftsmanship.

The Shift: Crafting a New Path It all started with a humble sewing machine and the need to create—initially curtains, which soon evolved into designing tote bags. Not just any bags, but ones that embody a commitment to reducing waste, using responsibly sourced natural fabrics like cotton and linen, and embracing the practices that respect our planet and its inhabitants. Each stitch is not only a part of my journey from global explorer to environmental advocate but also a testament to a lifestyle that values sustainability over speed, quality over quantity.

Our Philosophy: Embracing Slow Fashion Lori April is more than a brand—it's a lifestyle choice advocating for slow fashion. Inspired by the minimalism and functionality of Japanese design and the timeless appeal of European aesthetics, I strive to create bags that are not merely accessories but lifelong companions. These pieces are crafted to be durable, beautiful, and functional, promoting a philosophy of mindful consumption and respect for the resources we use.

The Crafting Process: A Blend of Art and Heart Every fabric I choose tells a story—a tale of its origins, a chapter of my travels, a narrative of cultural appreciation and environmental responsibility. These materials are carefully selected not only for their quality and aesthetic but also for their alignment with our values of humanity and ethics. My crafting table is a place where memories are woven into the fabric of every bag, where each creation is a piece of art infused with heart and purpose.

Join Our Journey At Lori April, we believe in the transformative power of stories and the beauty of shared values. Our journey is more than just making bags; it's about building a community that cherishes cultural heritage, embraces responsible living, and celebrates the human touch in every product. Explore our collection, share in our stories, and join us in this movement towards a more thoughtful and sustainable world.