Why Our Keychains Are More Than Just Bling


Hey there, EcoChic Insiders!

Ever looked at our new keychains and thought, “What’s the story here?” Well, let’s take a short trip to Ghana together. Yup, that's where the magic begins!

The vibrant beads you see? They’re crafted by the incredible Krobo People. Imagine this: they crush glass into powder, heat it, pour it into clay molds, and use a cassava leaf stem for the hole. Bake it, and voila! A bead is born. It’s an art they’ve been nailing for centuries. Cool, right?

Now, why keychains? I had this "aha!" moment. Picture this: You're out shopping, hands full of stuff, and instead of the "pocket-fumble" for keys, you just hang them inside our new bags. Yup, we added a D-ring just for that! And for those moments when you can't find your phone (we've all been there), there’s a special pocket inside. Convenience? Check!


Each bead on your keychain is a little nod to sustainability and a dash of history. So, every time you grab those keys, remember: you’re holding onto a blend of age-old tradition and modern flair.

Got one yet? If not, take a peek at our accessories collection. Let’s make shopping not just fun but meaningful!

With Love and Linen,


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