Exploring Craft Fairs: Lessons from Lori April's Vendor Experience at Redondo Beach

Exploring Craft Fairs: Lessons from Lori April's Vendor Experience at Redondo Beach


Setting up a craft fair booth can be as unpredictable as it is exhilarating. This was exactly the case for Lori April at the recent craft fair in Redondo Beach, California. Despite the challenges posed by a forgotten canopy and unexpected questions, Lori navigated her day with creativity and resilience, culminating in a successful event filled with community spirit and a showcase of meticulously crafted tote bags. Join us as we dive into the details of her experience, the lessons learned, and the unique stories behind her hand-selected fabrics.


The Day Begins:

The morning buzzed with energy as I began setting up my booth. The challenge started when I realized I had forgotten the canopy top at home—a vital piece of equipment to shield my delicate fabrics from the whims of the weather. Fortunately, my home wasn’t too far away, and I managed to retrieve it just in time. This incident was a stark reminder that no matter how well you plan, you must always be ready to think on your feet.


Engaging with Customers:

Throughout the day, I fielded various questions from interested customers. One recurring question was whether my pillow products were suitable for outdoor use. My products are crafted from natural fibers like 100% cotton or cotton blends, which aren’t necessarily designed for outdoor conditions. This spurred a realization: as a vendor, I need to be better prepared to discuss the specific uses and care instructions for my products, helping customers understand the value and appropriate use of each item.


Telling the Story Behind the Product:

One of the most important lessons I learned was the necessity of storytelling. My tote bags aren’t just bags; they are a patchwork of carefully selected, globally sourced fabrics, each with a story. From the vibrant streets of Honolulu where I select Hawaiian Barkcloth to the meticulous markets of Tokyo for cotton and linen canvas, every fabric choice is part of a larger narrative of sustainability and exclusivity. Sharing these stories is crucial, as it helps customers appreciate the uniqueness and thought behind each piece.


Community and Connection:

Despite the initial hiccups, the day was filled with beautiful moments of connection. The sense of community at the craft fair was palpable, with fellow vendors sharing tips and visitors enjoying the array of handmade goods. The weather held up just long enough, with rain starting only in the final half-hour of the event—a perfect example of serendipity.

Sustainability and Future Plans:

Sustainability is at the heart of my creations. Each bag is not only designed to be durable and long-lasting but also to eventually be repurposed or returned to the earth, reflecting my commitment to eco-friendly practices. As I plan for my next trip to source more unique fabrics in September, I am reminded of the continuous journey of learning and growth that comes with being a craft fair vendor.


Participating in a craft fair like the one at Redondo Beach is more than just selling products; it’s about storytelling, learning from unexpected challenges, and connecting with a community that appreciates the art of handmade goods. As I pack up my booth, I take with me not just profits but invaluable lessons and memories that will shape my future fairs. Here’s to more craft fairs, more unexpected lessons, and continued success in weaving the stories of the world into the fabric of my products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Can your tote bags be used outdoors?

    • While they are made from natural materials ideal for general use, they are not specifically designed for prolonged outdoor exposure.
  2. Where do you source your fabrics?

    • I travel globally to handpick the best quality fabrics, including places like Honolulu for Hawaiian Barkcloth and Tokyo for cotton and linen canvas.
  3. Are your products sustainable?

    • Absolutely. Sustainability is a core principle of my brand. Each product is crafted to be durable and is made from natural materials that can be repurposed or biodegrade naturally.

If you enjoyed this journey through a day at the craft fair and want to learn more about sustainable, handcrafted goods, stay tuned for more stories and updates from my adventures in crafting.

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